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       Start development from a known tag

               $ git clone git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/.../linux-2.6 my2.6

               $ cd my2.6

               $ git branch my2.6.14 v2.6.14   (1)

               $ git checkout my2.6.14

           1. This step and the next one could be combined into a single step with "checkout -b my2.6.14 v2.6.14".

       Delete an unneeded branch

               $ git clone git://git.kernel.org/.../git.git my.git

               $ cd my.git

               $ git branch -d -r origin/todo origin/html origin/man   (1)

               $ git branch -D test                                    (2)

           1. Delete the remote-tracking branches "todo", "html" and "man". The next fetch or pull will create them again unless you configure them not to. See git-fetch(1).

           2. Delete the "test" branch even if the "master" branch (or whichever branch is currently checked out) does not have all commits from the test branch.

Posted by Joe.C