01. Let U Go
02. I'm Better
03. Soundtrack To Your Life
04. Feel So Alive
05. Crazy Beautiful
06. Who Cares?
07. Shades Of Blue
08. Beautiful Lie
09. Perfect Now
10. Where Did You Go?
11. Along The Way
12. Apology

5월 첫 주 빌보드 싱글차트 17위를 기록하며 Hot Shot Debut를 기록했다.
(앨범차트에서도 상당히 상위에 랭크됐던듯...)
O-Town의 멤버 Ashley Parker Angel가 불렀다.
아마도 상당히 오래 인기를 끌 것 같은 느낌....

Let U go.....

Lyrics :
Broken promises
But you don't really mind
It's not the first time and you know it
Don't you know
Tell me why it is you only smile inside
But when you break me into nothing
Don't you know
It's not like I haven't tried over and over again
Stupid fights, wrong or right

I remember when you came with me that night
We said forever, that you would never let me go
But here I am again
With nothing left inside
Know I don't wanna
But I gotta let you go

You're the one mistake I really didn't mind
So beautiful, unmerciful
It took me down
Too little and too late
See now I know your kind
You fake it easy just to please me
Don't you know
It's not like we haven't tried over and over again
Sleepless nights, wrong or right


I gotta let you go
It's you
There's nothing I can do


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